Sunday, March 9, 2008

Drama AKA My Sister

So I haven't blogged in a while......shoot me. No really I deserve a kick in the pants because more blogging was apart of my New Year's Resolutions.

I just had to let this go.....

Weeks ago I got a call from the Drama Princess' mom(AKA my sister) asking if she could come and scoop the 'D' Princess for a birthday party (weekend of March 7th) thrown for her girlfriend's son 'Cardo

(girlfriend like bow*wow*chicka bow*wow)
Yep, she's gay!!! Quite the shock to me too!!!
Sooooo, I agree and tell her okay not analyzing all the heavy variables around the dates.

Usually, the weekends spent with DP's mom are disasters waiting to happen
disasters like:
*not returning her on time(no, we are not awake expecting her back at 2am)
*returning her days later(school starts on Monday not Thursday!!!!!)
*returning her smelly
*returning her sick(with ear infections, coughs, diahrrea)
*returning her without feeding her(not a big deal right, try telling DP dinner was at 6pm and not 2am
*returning her with clothing you bought for her that looks like hooker uniforms
*bring her back with NO SHOES OR JACKET or a combo of both
I hate dealing with any of the above mentioned things in any combonation. but I have to go through this because it is court ordered.

So now the variables,
this weekend is day light savings time(bad enough she is already late, now she'll be even later)
the big standardized test FCAT (that result in pass or fail 3rd grade)
she is always SUPER DUPER emotional after visits
there's a lot of traffic due to it being Bike Week(another reason to be late)


What the hell was I thinking!!!!


Oh, The Joys said...

Okay, that sounds intensly bad.

Jeez, how do you handle that?!!

Jane said...

Hope it all worked out in the end. Daylight savings time really threw me this year.

Sorry to here your son was so stressed that is just wrong! Once again, I blame George Bush.