Thursday, March 20, 2008

Current Events

Hello Imaginary Friends

Not much has been going on in the world of ME.

The Professor and Drama Princess have made it through the FCAT testing!!!! As for their teachers...well, I know they are relieved to have it over.

We bought a new van. Well, not a NEW van but it's one that I like alot. Aside from the color I love everything about the van. The kids & the dog like it too and it has seats that are separated, you know not the big bench seat. This helps a great deal with the Drama Princess fussing on The Professor. With her ADHD and attachment issues she does not know or respect boundaries and has to constantly be the center of every one's attention.

She fusses on The Professor all the time and he usually just accepts it.
Although lately he's been paying her back for the many years of torture.

She used to call him names under her breath so I couldn't hear them.
He now calls her "ignoramus", over and over again. She hates words she doesn't know the meaning of.

She used to boss him around.
He now tells her to "get out of my space, ignoramus"

She would take toys, books, anything that seemed interesting to him and throw them.
He now hides her things and laughs when she walks in circles looking for them.

I usually have to closely ref their interactions with each other and make sure they don't get brutal but lately I can't help but let some of the stuff the Professor does slip by. I know it's not the "parentally responsible" thing to do. I just love the fact that The Professor is now standing up for himself and not taking her crap anymore.

I know, I know....I get the Bad Parent of the Year Award!!!!

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Thic Flair said...

the dreaded van!!!!! Shiiiiiii, I was telling my wife that I want one of the old school vans. (think A team without the black paint and spoiler) That body style is classic. I think it has to do more with the chill factor in them, the way you can carry 8 adults and they will all be COMFY is dope.

Anyway, I'm new to your blog and me likes, will be back often.