Friday, December 28, 2007

Resolution Time, Folks!!!

Okay, so

Last year I made only one resolution. My resolution seemed kinda small in comparison to those made by my friends. But, so what!!

My resolution was to take better care of my skin and nails and I did this year. I drank more water, moisturized daily and tried not to pick at pimples.
(Yep, still get pimples even at 20ish yrs old)
I tried to steer clear of making resolutions that would quickly be broken and forgotten. Soooo, I'm gonna stick to the same theme this year.


My resolutions for this year will be to try to eliminate the negative speaking & make more time for myself...

I plan on reading more books, do more crafts, go to the library/bookstore more, all to help with my sanity.

As for eliminating the negative speaking, I'm not going to say I will stop cursing. That would be just plain STUPID!!! I am willing to say that I will stop being sooooo sarcastic and chill with the negativity.

Now, the catch is that I am making this resolution while my kids and husband are home on winter break from school. Will I be able to keep my both resolutions despite them being home all day, every day till school break is over?????

Check back with me January 7th when the Professor, Princess & the Huz go back to school.

OHHH Yeah, how could you let me forget my other resolution is to blog more!!!!!

I just love letting my imaginary internet friends see what's going on with me!!!

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