Friday, July 25, 2008

Life 2.0 updated

You love really love me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my fans around the world. You guys are the best and have been there for me from the very beginning.

Okay, let me explain why I'm gushing with love. It all started with a email alert from a comment from my Thic friend wanting an update on my life and the madness involved.

Super big shot out to, you're the best, thanks for thinking of me!!!

He was thinking about me, as all of my imaginary friends do and wanted an update on the crapola I was going through. Well folks, when the sh** hits the fan, it doesn't make a little splatter.

Marriage: Been working on the whole communication thing. Who knew my dear Huz couldn't read my mind and actually had opinions of his own. Yeah, I know, I sit in amazement still too. We're at the point of, when it's good, it's good but when it's bad it's really bad. We celebrate another anniversary July 31st and I'm not sure if we're celebrating or just breathing a sigh of relief because we haven't killed or divorced each other this year.

I'm still a slave to the Apple( lovin' my Ipod), but have lost some motivation after losing all of my tunes when the old computer died and went to electronics heaven. Wait, some of the things & songs might have kept my old hardrive from getting into heaven. So maybe, it went to electronic hell....who knows. That sucks big time....Apple needs to explain SLOWLY and multiple times, that you will loose your tunes & flicks if not backed up regularly. Super big sad face!!!

The kids have been out of school since early June. The Drama Princess did not pass the dreaded FCAT test. That means she was retained into the third grade. Sucks big time. I took it more personally and was more hurt that she was. I felt like I failed as a teacher and parent. I don't know. She has to go to summer school(to retake the damn test and maybe pass) despite us prepaying for this super cool, and mad expensive camp for her and The Professor.


The Professor: He passed the FCAT and third grade with 2 B's away from being a straight A student all school year. He is loving summer camp and the freedom of going by himself without the Drama Princess hovering near by to crush any amount of fun had.

Family Front: The Huz's grandmother had a couple of strokes this summer. She lived a full life and was blessed with 10 children, 23 grand children and 46 great grandchildren. She eventually passed away. That was super hard on all of us especially my husband. He flew home to be with his mom and family during the final preparations and for the funeral.

Job Front: The Huz was laid off from his school. He and 200 other teachers were shafted and given "non reappointment" letters from the local school board. Because he was not yet tenured, he also can not be guaranteed a job in the fall. He has been doing a little hustling on the side and making dough but when August rolls around we gotta do something full time. He has been thinking about teaching at a private christian school but there are many factors and adjustments that would be made including a pay cut.

As for me, we are trying to appeal to the private school as a package deal and want for them to hire me as well. I have my DCF certification and could use the experience for my resume. Not to mention I would love the chance to be back in the classroom full time. I was never given the opportunity to be in the classroom with the school board because I lack a degree. I'M WORKING ON IT, SLOWLY BUT STILL DILIGENTLY WORKING!!

We have been to our local unemployment office and a couple of job fairs and nothing has panned out for us. We're still hope full for our future but hate the waiting.

In a nutshell that has been our summer. There's not much else going on. I truly have valued this summer. The time home with the entire family has given me a new appreciation for my blessings. We have been able to travel a little and enjoy the company of each other. Though my family causes me the most grief, all the time, I still love them all.


Thic Flair said...

lol, no need to shout me out mama, just glad to hear you are still keepin your head above water. The relationship front...yeah, we can talk about that WHENEVER you ready. I'm sure we can trade war stories. Communication is great...when it works. LOL.

Kids are gonna be kids. I heard somewhere that who they are is pretty much decided when get here, all you can do is tell them which way they SHOULD go. I understand the feeling that you must have had though, I'm sure things will turn out as HE planned.

Jobs and family...they tend to go hand in hand for some reason. I'm sorry for both losses, but glad that your husband knows how to be on that grind and happier that you are looking at other options as well.

All in all, glad to hear from you and I will be praying for you and yours. Take care dahlin'. Be a blessing.

Woman Undone said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Thicky!!! I'll be in touch, most def.