Monday, April 28, 2008

At this point

I have been gone for quite a while. The previous post kinda eludes to the absence. Since then I have been super busy and not so busy. Here's an update on me.

I have a new toy!!! The Huz bought me a Ipod!!!!! It has engulfed me and I am now a slave to the Apple. I can't go anywhere without it. It especially is helpful when in WallyMart. I zoom in and out in 4 songs or less and this saves money!!

I started classes online with University of Phoenix. I only have 1 class right now but will add more in 4 weeks or so. I'm still crossing all appendages in hopes that the financial aid gods will look past my many failed attempts at college previously and will grant me more money. I would even be more ecstatic if the financial aid gods will rain a few extra thousand dollars on me to buy a laptop and pay a few bills too. A girl can wish, can't she.

The kids & The Huz are back in school, they were off for 10 days for spring break and we all made it through!!! Whew!!! For a minute I didn't know we were gonna make it, the kids eat SOOOOOO much now. Thank you US government for the free lunch program. I will never talk bad about you again. The Professor alone will eat through a box of cereal and loaf of bread in 2 days flat. I have suggested that he gets a job, but he laughs and asks if he can finish what's left on my plate. It's not too early for an 8 yr old to work is it???

We did have some drama with the Drama Princess over the spring break. Her visit to her mom was extended, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, for another week and she was returned only after missing an entire week of school. Thanks a lot, as if she isn't already behind enough on her own. The school personnel called daily to check on her knowing how the situation is with her mom and I. They are really great!!

I took my child care licensing exam and passed on the first try!!! I applied for a few summer camp positions in that field but won't hear back for a while.

Still haven't found a job....but I do take my Postal Exam to be a rural route carrier tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!! Starting pay is at $16.75/hour and the money could really come in handy right now.

Other than that not much else has been going on.....

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ahem, I need an update please. :)