Saturday, July 26, 2008


my godson/nephew Garison Riley.

Isn't he beautiful!!!! He's been the reason for all the baby blues that have made their way back into my household.

The Huz has been hinting STRONGLY around the subject of having more kids. So has my best friend and my Mother-in-Law. They want more cute babies to show off. Let's face it we make some beautiful babies. Have I shown you pictures of my handsome son???

My son, The Professor is a handsome young man. I have already been warned by many that he's gonna be a lady killer and with my influence I plan on making him a strong, intelligent, self assured gentleman.

Back to Garison though.... any amount of time I spend with him makes my lady parts ache for another one. But then I remember the ache turns into pain!!!! Quickly!!! With my son's pregnancy, I had gall stones and they hurt worse than the c-section. I also did not get the joy of eating whatever I wanted because I was pregnant. I was on a super restricted diet and could only eat items that were no fat or low fat. That sucked big time!!! I had to hide my pregnancy for the first couple of months till the Huz(then Boyfriend) and I had made plans to start our lives together.

I still long to have a baby and walk around proud with my belly exposed for all the world to see. But then again, maybe I'm crazy as hell. What do you think??


all-ian said...

Good luck with the new baby if you decide to have another. Me and my wife have been trying for about and year and nothing yet.

Thic Flair said...

I have NOT been in this entry (puts on 3 condoms)

Woman Undone said...

NEW BABY, NEW, BABY, who the hell said we decided to have another baby. I SAID...we were talking about it. Don't get it twisted, I want another one, but it needs to be free to feed and clothe them then we can talk about having another. Oh yeah, and PAIN FREE TOO!!!

Who's side are you all on anyway...traders. I should have known penises stick together. LMAO

all-ian said...

thanx for stopping by