Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clock Gobblers

Since being unemployed, I have found various ways to gobble the clock (waste time). Most of them involve all of my hobbies; crafting, photography, decorating. Here are some of my favorites:

Cut Out & Keep It--This is awesome for folks that like to "repurpose" trash lying around the house. There are some great tutorials in all kinds of catorgories.

Travel IQ Challenge--I am hooked on this game. You have seconds to locate different spots in the world. High scores are based on speed and how close (in miles) your guess is to the destination. The Professor loves this game and I'm trying to beat his high score. site gives great tutorials on how to play with your cameras and photo editing software.

Microsoft Encarta Quiz Page--I am the best at these quizzes. My brain is a storage of random facts and I do really good at these quizzes.

Instructables--This is a website full of people just like me...with TOO MUCH time on their hands. They have used this time to create some of the oddest things, food, art, crafts, home.

Did I mention that most of the insane tutorials have
pictures to show you exactly how-to??

That's enough for now, I'll post more clock gobblers another day.

BTW, the job search is still looking dismal. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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WILLIAM said...

Travel IQ is addicting