Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nothing to see folks....

I really don't have much to blog about. Kinda sucks for you doesn't it.

The kids and I go back to school on Monday....kinda sucks.

I haven't finished all of the projects I wanted to do before going back to work....kinda sucks.

Since I'm not on contract, I don't get paid over Christmas break, REALLY SUCKS!!!

I wanted to take the kids to the museum before going back to school, didn't...kinda sucks.

Folks in the apartment above us have a kid that is out of school too, we hear his every step... kinda sucks

My sister had a baby, NO NOT THAT ONE, and I couldn't be there....kinda sucks.

Still on the look out for a new pad....kinda sucks.

The one house I like, space wise, has a shower I can't squeeze my huge ta-ta's into....kinda sucks.

Not much else going on......

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