Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is what I am grateful for...

"Drama Princess"
Daytona Beach---January, 2008

I know I don't say it enough...could I ever possibly. Princess, I love you. It is moments like these that I treasure. You were not born of me but I feel you are still apart of me.
I know I yell at you for alot of the things you do. I know, and I'm sorry. Sometimes I find it hard to parent you with all of your "quirks" that come with your ADHD and other issues. Your logic and reasoning does not match mine and that makes us constantly bump heads. I'm working on my patience as a parent.
I look back and remember how much progress you have made in life despite_______________(fill in the blank with one of your many issues).
I really and truely believe that your future will be bright and that you are a blessing to our family!!
Mommy/Auntie loves you!!!


WILLIAM said...

Very touching.

Anonymous said...

Be HONEST with her. Love her UNCONDITIONALLY. Tell her when YOU need a timeout. Tell her you do not always like what she does, but love her just as much anyway, after all, no one likes everything anyone does. Read books on ADHD such as I'M not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid. It will give you lots of insight in helping your niece as well as yourself.

Someone who lives with attention deficits and is a master's level psychotherapist.