Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Sugar

Today 3 years ago I went to Petsmart to buy fish food and walked out with a dog. The Huz was talking about buying me a dog, and we had even went to the local pet shelter to search one out. They were all too big for our apartment or had too many issues. I was only in the store for fish food and was followed by a little fluff ball. Second Chance Rescue made weekend appearances at Petsmart with potential pups. After hearing My Sugar's story I had to give in....

Sugar was abandoned in Lousiana during Hurricane Katrina. The folks from Second Chance Rescue went and brought back animals that survived and nursed them all back to health. My Sugar was a lucky one. Sugar has a list of issues including she has to have her meals cooked for her due to her wheat & dye allergy and also has a severe flea allergy too. Did I also mention she has terrible separation anxiety and hates to be alone (must be a hurricane thing). She gets nervous and chews on whatever's close when she is left at home long.

3 years ago we adopted Sugar and ALL her issues and brought her home.

Happy Birthday Sugar!!!
We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!

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