Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chasing me in my dreams

I have had the same dream the past two nights in a row...

It has freaked me out to no end.

I was walking home from somewhere, don't exactly know where, and all of a sudden I'm being chased by these two bigger than life sized dicks!!!!! The fully erect dicks, complete with angry looking throbbing veins, chased me at full speed {well, as fast as a big boobed fat chick could run} They used their hairy balls as feet to run me down. I kept looking back at them and tried to pick up speed.........THEN I WOKE UP!!!

They looked a little like this, take away the friendly smile and add another but only darker.

Under normal circumstances,

1. I don't run....not a big girl friendly activity.
2. Really, I don't run, my boobs are too big for that.
3. I don't run from dick, in any situation, *AHEM*

Does this mean there is a bounty of dicks in my future???? This is exciting & scary all at the same time. Though I'd rather have a bounty of dollars in my future, how will this be applicable to real life?

Please help me to understand this dream....

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