Saturday, August 9, 2008

Angry Letter

Today I had to write a angry letter, It was to an ex friend(no not that kinda ex) who I used to work with. At first we were co-workers, right. Then we became friends, she and I had girls that were about the same age. We started putting our kids on the same basketball teams, picking each others kids up and the whole nine. We've celebrated Thanksgiving together and everything, we was tight like that.

Well one of her kids violated some serious laws of society and we had heated words and stopped talking. That was 3 months or so ago. Fast forward to now.

She emailed me asking how everthing was going, like I was just away on vacation or something....not like I was gonna whoop her kid's ass for some stupid shit she did, police were gonna get called, and she wasn't gonna get a beat down.

So like I said, she emailed me.

No apology.
No money paid back, $150 to be exact.
No remedy to the situation.


So I wrote an angry letter, email rather. Normally, when this hurt or pissed about something I write the email then don't send it. I delete the very hate filled existance and let it go.


And for the record, white people do steal. Now I clutch my purse when ever I walk by one of them.

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Thic Flair said...

I FEEL you....(on the leter part). I had to air out a prollem or two when someone emailed me like it was all gravy before.

lol@clutchin the purse.

You just gave me something to write about too.